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We help businesses deliver outstanding customer service that boosts brand loyalty, reputation and revenue. 

01. does customer service really matter?

Every business should think strategically, but this can be difficult. How do you decide what’s important and what’s not?

Your customers can make or break your business. Making sure that they are truly and completely satisfied is key to your business’ long-term success. You need customers to be happy with your product or service and their experience of buying through you. Otherwise they won’t buy again, they won’t recommend you and – worse still – they may well give their custom to a competitor. In other words, customer service really matters.

02. what is customer service really about?

Delivering great customer service means generating real customer satisfaction. Achieving this involves looking at a surprising range of your business activities. First, are you attracting the right customers who are most likely to love what you do? How do you know what expectations they will have when they buy from you? How do you know whether they are really satisfied once they have bought? Which parts of your business activities have the biggest impact on how happy your customers are and make them hungry for more? Finding the time to get into this can feel like a luxury only large corporations have.

 03. How we help you develop and implement an effective customer service strategy

The good news is that Customer Service Matters (CSM) has developed a range of affordable and effective solutions available to any business that wants to put great customer service and customer satisfaction at its heart. No matter what your size or what stage you’re at, we have a package to help you on your way. Click here to find out more about our packages.

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Customer Service Audit

Our Customer Service Audit is always the starting point – we have three different reviews available for you to choose from. They are designed to help you work out what you know about your customers, how well you’re serving them and how satisfied they really are. Once this is done, we can look at ways your business might be able to improve customer knowledge and customer satisfaction so that you can reap the benefits that this brings. Find out more at on our services page.


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Katie L. Sutton

Katie L Sutton


Katie Sutton is a customer service professional with experience working in client-facing roles for a wide range of established and developing businesses. Katie is known for her customer service expertise and passion for helping businesses to deliver outstanding service.

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